Biala's Disability Supports are NDIS registered and available to community members living with a disability who are registered with the NDIS.

Dedicated to fulfilling the goals of each participant, Biala collaborates intimately with all involved in each participant's personal plan to generate the absolute best possible individual experience and outcome.

Biala offers a number of services to community members in the Hunter Region living with a disability. The focus remains on the participant within every available service with consumer satisfaction highest on the agenda.

Biala's participant centred approach guarantees that personal goals are consistently being worked towards and changing needs are met. With a team of dedicated staff and volunteers Biala's Disability Supports services strive to provide experiences that are not available anywhere else. The boutique nature of Biala ensures that participants are treated as individuals with care and nurturing from all staff and volunteers. Participants of Biala often refer to the service as 'family' with some participants being a part of the service for over 20years.

Biala management and staff work closely alongside families, carers and participants to provide consistent and professional delivery of services. Communication is the key to ensuring the best possible experience and outcomes for everyone in our care, as a result Biala management are available at any time to discuss the development of participants when required.

Biala believes that flexibility is a must within the disability support services and will cater to participant needs as best as possible


Community Access Group

Available to community members living with disability on the NDIS, Community Access Group programs operate Monday to Friday weekly, fort-nightly of a Saturday and cater to people aged 16yrs to 64yrs of age living in the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie areas.

The focus of this program is to engage participants in community based activities, which encourage independence and personal growth. All programs are generated through the collaboration of participants, carers, support workers and management to ensure that all participant goals are being worked towards. This program is highly participant centred and as a result, programs remain flexible to changing group needs.

Community Access Group programs work towards developing healthy lifestyle choices through the integration of physical activities such as tenpin bowling, dance, the gym, walking, swimming and various sports. Healthy eating is heavily promoted, along with food preparation and cooking.
Biala believes that the Arts play an important role within the health of all people and as a result are excited to include fine arts, music and dance into the Community Access program. Participants are engaged fortnightly with Aaron from Rockcave Music and Dancing monthly with Avelina from Ability Dance. Of a Wednesday, participants are consistently creating artistic masterpieces such as tie-dyed clothing, mosaic frames, plaster moulds, canvas paintings and various other exciting projects. 

Through the Community Access program, participants are given the opportunity to discover new friendships, learn different skills, develop self-awareness and work towards their personal goals in a nurturing and safe group environment. 

Individual Supports

Catered towards the changing needs of participants, Biala Individual Supports remains flexible to suit the requirements of the recipient. Individual Supports can be utilised in areas specified within the NDIS participant plan and can include such things as personal care and community access.

Biala Individual Supports are available seven days a week and within hours that are tailored around the participant's needs.

Household Tasks

Household Tasks are available to participants of a weekday and include house cleaning & lawn maintenance.


Biala is currently outsourcing wonderful venues, which cater to all participant mobility needs when it comes to supported holiday. Participants of Biala who are funded for overnight accommodation or who have capacity within their personal financial budget, can expect to be treated to holiday
experiences creating fantastic memories of a lifetime. All Holiday Supports are participant focused
with highly qualified staff on hand to ensure the best quality experience for all involved.

Participants of Biala have experienced weekly holidays to the Gold Coast along with P&O cruises up to Moreton Island as well as long weekends to Sydney, Wollongong and Forster.

One of Biala's regular near to home holiday destinations is Camp Breakaway at San Remo on the
Central Coast. This destination has provided participants many a wonderful experience and will
continue to be utilised when requested.

If you have Overnight Accommodation in your NDIS plan and would like more information on how to access a holiday through Biala then please contact us today to find out more..

Plan Management

Let Biala ease the sometimes stressful process of Plan Management by engaging our certified staff to assist you in this area. Biala Plan Management will alleviate any concerns you might have in regards to management of funding and supports by collaborating with all involved in your team to ensure that you remain within budget and on track to achieve your goals throughout the duration of your NDIS plan.

Paying provider supports, developing/reviewing service agreements and budgeting/preparing reports on how your NDIS plan funds are being utilised are just some of the services offered through this support.

To let us help you maximise the supports funded within your NDIS plan package or to find out more on Plan Management with Biala contact us today.


Biala's newly acquired Holiday Home is located in the quaint lakeside suburb of Valentine, Lake
Macquarie. Set on a leafy block, the home boasts 5 large sized bedrooms, separate dining and
lounge, along with duel bathrooms and toilets.

The Biala Holiday Home's main purpose is to add to your happiness, whether you are a participant
looking for a relaxed weekend getaway with the support of friendly qualified staff or a parent/carer
wanting a weekend away for your loved one whilst you yourself can enjoy some R'nR with the peace

of mind knowing that they are in safe hands enjoying time with their peers or support staff.
Biala's Holiday Home will provide the venue to create lifetime positive experiences & memories.
Participants who utilise the Holiday Home will be involved in social activities of their choice,
afternoons drenched in bbqs & sunlight, physical activities such as sunset lake walks, and the
vacation aroma of freshly cooked bacon & eggs in the morning.

Contact us today if you think that the Biala Holiday Home can add to your happiness. Our dedicated team are waiting for you enquiry & cannot wait to make sure you requests are met.

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Community Access programs operate Monday to Friday weekly and fort-nightly of a Saturday.

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Individual Supports are provided on a participant focused needs basis.

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Household Tasks are available to participants of a weekday and include house cleaning & lawn maintenance.

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Biala currently provides holiday type Overnight Accommodation to those Participants who have this support included in their NDIS plan.

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Let Biala ease the sometimes stressful process of Plan Management by engaging our certified staff to assist you in this area.

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Biala has an Overnight Accommodation Holiday Home in Valentine, Lake Macquarie available for short stays including respite.

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